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A group of sports fans cheering their team.

Should Professional Sports Continue Playing Without An Audience?

In a world where it has become increasingly more difficult to go to the movies, to a bar, or even

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People working in an open office.

Are Offices Less Necessary Now? Pros and Cons From a Business Perspective

If you’re someone who has been a frequent reader of my blogs, you’ve probably seen my writing on the effects

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A man packing up a moving box.

Moving Out Of The City: Where Are Workers Going During Coronavirus?

Moving is almost always one of a person’s most important life choices, so why are so many people moving during

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Robotic AI hands typing on a keyboard.

Is AI The New Job Disruptor? A Look At Chatbot Systems

Have you ever looked for support on an online purchase or with your cable provider? If you didn’t call them

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Woman using a Peloton.

Companies That Weathered COVID The Best

Coronavirus has run rampant around the world for nearly half of a year now and has impacted everyone’s lives on

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The Changing Landscape of Movie Releases

In addition to the tragic cost in illness and human life, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most significant economic

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Getting Started in Business – Startup Tips

After a nearly two-decade long career in starting businesses, people often ask me what lessons I’ve learned throughout my career.

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How has the coronavirus affected e-commerce

A lot of us were looking towards 2020 with a sparkle in our eye and hopes of new beginnings.  However,

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What Are The Implications Of The Disney 21st Century Fox Merger

In March of 2019, one media giant made a deal with a second, and together they became one entity. A

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Miller After The Merger: Where Are They Now?

I’m not usually the type to crack open a beer in the middle of the day, but it seems like

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