Sean Dollinger is an entrepreneur with a keen ability to take an idea from conception through successful execution. He has an incredibly diverse background in all facets of e-commerce. In the early 2000s, while attending university on a baseball scholarship, Sean started a food delivery service similar to today’s Postmates and Uber Eats. He accomplished this before the smartphone even existed. After that, while attending a computer specialty school, Sean officially began his career in e-commerce with an online platform for selling satellite parts. This business was hugely successful and was the starting point for what continues to be a successful career. Sean’s most recent project is PlantX, which he founded in Summer 2019. PlantX is not only an online store for plant-based products, but a full online vegan community, where users can order healthy vegan meals, and learn about the vegan lifestyle through discussions and blogs.

Ecommerce Expert

Sean’s e-commerce ventures include Greeny, PlantX, Country Wine & Spirits, Carbone, New Spark Media, and R3. This diverse portfolio is a testament to Dollinger’s understanding of different markets, and his ability to reach a broad range of customers.  With so many businesses under his belt, Dollinger has a true understanding of what a company needs in order to be successful.

Committed Investor

Sean Dollinger’s investments span several different industries, including real estate, restaurants, bars, and fitness. Dollinger’s extensive knowledge of trends in each of these industries enables him to be a smart and educated investor. He has a strong understanding of different markets and is committed to each of his investments.

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Sean is a visionary when it comes to the business world. His ability to see an opportunity and utilize his network to develop a solution, almost overnight, is remarkable. I don't think he sleeps more than 4 hours a night. He responds to an email at any hour of the day. Sean is the hardest working guy I know, and I am happy to not only be able to call him a close friend, but also a business partner and mentor.

Benjamin Nasberg President & CEO, Carbone Restaurant Group

We started working with Sean on his ecommerce site as his SEO team. Over time, our business relationship with Sean grew, and he became a consultant for us on a major ecomm project. He has a unique ability to motivate a team to produce the best work possible. People usually think "fewer investors, fewer headaches" but with Sean the opposite is true. The more attention Sean puts into something, the better. He is extremely respectful of others, and is always open to ideas and opinions. I would highly recommend working with Sean.

Yosef Adelman CEO, Falcon Marketing

I have known Sean Dollinger for a while now, as we are partners in a massive online alcohol business. Sean is first and foremost an amazing father, husband and family man. In my opinion, any man who loves his family and puts them first, will further perfect his businesses and legitimately respect and care for his partners and colleagues. He has taken our e-commerce alcohol business to an advanced high level e-commerce enterprise. I am honored and pleased to have such an incredible e-commerce architect and creative partner help and teach our whole team daily. Sean teaches my team how to be more business oriented, as well as how to grow to be all around better human beings in our daily life. Sean is a true lifestyle changer.

Shawn Kattoula CEO, Country Wine & Spirits