Sean’s work includes a robust e-commerce portfolio, as well as several successful investments. Sean Dollinger’s work spans over a decade and demonstrates his ability to adapt to shifting economic trends.

Sean has been involved in the formation and development of dozens of businesses. His goal is to be involved in something that benefits people on a global scale and facilitates the improvement of many people’s lives.


  • Sean Dollinger has been an active investor in the Bahamas real estate for several years. Specifically, Sean’s expertise lies in designing and developing properties in the area. Dollinger Enterprises handles everything from architecture and design through to the actual construction process.

  • Dollinger’s bar and restaurant investments are an impressive portion of his vast portfolio. He seeks out untapped markets and fills those markets with the types of establishments they are missing. He is a committed adviser for numerous local businesses and has helped these businesses immensely.

  • In addition to his investments in bars and restaurants, Sean Dollinger also has ties to other industries, such as fitness. His approach to every business is to create the best experience possible for clients and customers.

  • Sean started Carbone as a family venture that quickly grew to one of the most significant franchise opportunities in Canada. With low start-up costs and an unbelievable menu/product, the restaurant is exploding throughout Canada.

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